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IT's in!!!

It's here!!! my Manga Identity!!!... this story i about a young boy named Tama Kazuki.... just another high school boy who has some issues, on top of it all he is just a simple person living a simple life, with his annoying yet cute sister named Ren ren, her loving mother Kazuki and a busy his dad...

together with his best friend Hino he fights the stage of teenhood!!! hiya!!!!

but little did he knows that in just a single moment.. his life will change forever...

one by one his destiny is about to unfold to reaveal his true identity.....

posting: i'll be posting at least 1 page a day... but mostly it depends upon my mood!!! well i hope you find my manga interesting... pm me if you have questions or just to talk to me!! i'll be glad to talk to you!!!

see yah

posted by heartless15 @ March 2nd, 2008, 7:28 am  -  0 Comments

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